Peak Oil Game for Education about World Energy Problems

Peak Oil is a board game where you will be a Petroleum Magnate and you will have to face the reality of the end of your business because the oil is running out, in addition to other factors that will take you to the limit.

But it is not all about suffer that crisis, the player will have the opportunity to prosper changing his business model developing of clean energy sources.

Utopia or is it simply a good simulation of what is happening?

It is an excellent way to put this «dark and viscous» matter in hands of everyone.


The interesting thing about the game is its educational potential.

Fighting for the survival of your character, you will learn that Oil is not viable and you will also be attacked by several conflicts;
• Crisis
• Illegal dumping
• Pirates
• Maritime storms
• And especially TV news (which does not interest Petroleum Magnates).

In order to survive, you will have to invest in clean technologies, such as Hydraulics, Renewables, Alternative sources, etc.

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